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Antonio Fongang

Antonio holds a Certified Personal Trainer Specialist,

 and Conditioning Coach, Stress Reduced Fat Loss, carries current CPR and First Aid Training level HCP (Health Care Professional) as well as a Professional Liability Insurance.


Because every person’s body and bio-chemistry is unique, what works for one of us might not work for another. The very first step is to schedule a fitness assessment with me. This assessment reviews your goals, history, measurements, and nutritional information. My assessments are very thorough and will reveal how you function and how you personally prioritize your fitness goals.

With your input, I will design a program based on many facets of your health, such as:

  • Your fitness level

  • your health status

  • your posture

  • your muscle strengths and weaknesses

  • your flexibility


Joie de Vivre Fitness & Training offers one of the most comprehensive fitness assessments available so I can deliver the best program for you, one that is designed for your specific body and health that will give you immediate results. Contact me now to set up your fitness assessment.

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