Workplace workout

Workplace workout

Is your workday sedentary? Why not start up a wellness program in your workplace? Or in a private studio?

The benefits of a workplace wellness program is to help reduce stress levels by helping boost employee morale, increase work productivity, reduce health care costs and increase company profits.

Reasons to invest in a Workplace Wellness Program:

  • Decrease in absenteeism and turnover of personnel
  • Improved employee morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Decrease in number of long and short-term disabilities
  • Decrease in work-related injuries
  • Eliminate indirect costs such as hiring temporary workers, paying overtime or lost productivity
  • Reduce unscheduled absences
  • Increase Company Profits

Interesting Corporate Wellness Statistics:

  • 50+% percent of U.S. companies are operating corporate wellness programs.
  • Corporate wellness statistics depict a savings of $2.30 to $10.10 for every $1 spent on wellness initiatives.
  • Coca-Cola’s fitness program recouped $500 per year per employee, despite the fact that only 60% of their staff was enrolled.
  • A Ipsos-Reid corporate wellness statistics paper in 2004 found the three major preventable causes of staff absenteeism to be mental health (anxiety and/or depression), stress and a bad relationship with a supervisor.
  • Corporate wellness statistics from Prudential Insurance reveal a benefit expense of $312 per person enrolled in their wellness system, but $574 per non-enrolled employee.
  • At the Coors Brewing Co., corporate wellness statistics illuminate a savings of $5.50 per $1 spent on fitness, with a positive side-effect of participant absenteeism dropping by 18%

A bi-weekly 60 minutes class during your lunchtime or at the end of your work time would be a great way to add some activity into your busy day for you and your co-workers. All you need is your own running shoes, fitness apparel and a water bottle! I will provide all the equipment. Let me bring a fun filled and challenging class to you!

1 Hour classes are a good balance and include: a good warm-up, some cardio elements, with emphasis on strength training all of the major muscles groups as well as stretch, cool-down and relaxation components.

Fit employees are a good investment. Thousands of companies spend billions on fitness and health (wellness) programs for their employees. The expenditure is justified on several grounds.


  • Cost effectiveness: Each dollar spent on fitness/wellness in the workplace saves several dollars. Fit workers are less likely to smoke, and smoking cost business and industry billions for health costs, cleaning costs, lost and wasted time, and, of course, fires.
  • Production: Fit employees are more productive in any line of work.
  • Safety: Fit workers are safe workers; they are far less likely to experience debilitating lower back and other injuries, and when injured they miss fewer days.
  • Health: Fit workers miss fewer days of work; they are far less likely to suffer from musculoskeletal problems or degenerative problems such as heart disease. They spend a smaller share of the company’s health care dollar.
  • Morale: Morale is higher among fit employees and those in the fitness program. Fitness and health programs increase loyalty and reduce turnover.

If your company doesn’t already have a fitness/wellness program, talk with management (fitness is good business), assemble a group of interested co-worker, and get started. Follow the link below to sign up for corporate training.