Partner training in Waterloo, Kitchner and Guelph

Train with your best friend, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or child. Enjoy the support of a buddy while you both learn to exercise and eat correctly. A buddy system will make sure you both show up every time – and, you get a price break on the training program. What a deal: a lower the cost for yourself and having your buddy train with you so you can both enjoy looking great and being healthy!

Training with your child is a great way to set an excellent example, stay fit and healthy for life, and never worry about paying a doctor thousands of dollars because you didn’t take care of your health or that of your family. Buddy training is every bit as intense as our private personal training – we will keep both of you moving and make sure you both get great results while you learn how to stay fit forever. If you and your buddy want a super deal to get super lean, sign up today!




Session packs


(without HST)

Private   Training

$75/session/   Person and 10+ sessions at $70/session/person

Partner   Training

$105/session/   2Persons and 10+ sessions at $100/session/2persons

At-Home   Training

$85/session/Person   and 10+ session at $80/session/person including mileage

At-Home   Partner Training

$110/session/2Persons or 10+ sessions   at 105/session/2persons including mileage

Full   Fitness Assessment


Basic   Fitness Assessment


Boot   camp

$299 (12   weeks)

Nutritional   Counseling (Studio – In home)

$299 (3   sessions package)

Program   Design (4-6 weeks) or Program Updated

$300(Program Design)   $150 ( Program Updated)

 including   1 Full Fitness Assessment, 1 Program design (4-6 weeks) and 1 Program Delivery (1 session of 1on1   training to ensure complete understanding of the program designed and   exercise selection)